mardi 8 décembre 2015
Blackheads are usually visible on the nose and chin and they are nothing but pores filled with sebum which in contact with air, turns black. The pores in these areas are usually larger and therefore blackheads that get created are very obvious, giving an unkempt appearance of the face.

Thus, most times the areas prone to blackheads require a weekly special cleaning. If you cannot go regularly to a cosmetic cabinet, try to clean your skin thoroughly at home once a week. I will recommend you an amazing scrub for blackheads very easy to make it at home.
You need only 2 indregients:
Blackheads on the T zone are a problem for you? Mix half a teaspoon of rice flour with 5-6 drops of fresh lemon juice.
After you completely remove traces of cleanser and makeup, apply this mixture on the face, insisting, with circular motion, in the T zone. Rice flour is very fine and can clean even the smallest pores while lemon juice whitens and disinfects the skin.
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