Alternative Remedies To Stop and Prevent Headaches Forever

dimanche 27 décembre 2015
A headache is one of the body signs which your body sends to you in order to inform you that something is wrong with it.
Headache can occur due to numerous factors, including stress, chemicals from the environment, or a combination of both. Also, it can be caused by hormonal imbalance.
Poor circulation in the head, or lack of oxygen which occurs due to poor vertebral alignment can also be the cause for your headache. In this case, you can visit a chiropractor who had special training course in Applied Kinesiology and Cranio-Sacral Therapy.
Other less probable reasons for headache include tumor or any  other change inside the head.
Tired eyes can also lead to headache. According to Jacob Liberman, O.D., Ph.D. author of “Take Off Your Glasses And See”, you can exercise your eye muscles by squeezing your eyelids tightly closed for a couple of seconds, or doing short, soft blinks in order to relax your eyelids.

Some of the possibilities that you need to explore are:
  • When does the headache come?
  • Does it coincide with your monthly menstrual cycle?
  • Or is it always at a regular set time during the day or night?
  • Do you need to wear dark glasses every time you go out in the sun or else your head would start throbbing?
  • Could your jaw muscles be the cause of your headaches?
  • Does eating certain foods like chocolate, red wine, citrus fruits, or monosodium glutamate (MSG) elicit your headache?
To determine whether the jaws are responsible for your headache, put your little finger inside each ear. Then, slowly open and close your mouth.
Next, notice if your jaw (that ends by your ear) both open and closes at the same time, and make sure there is no clicking or popping sound. Myofascial release combined with polarity therapy may help you release those tight muscles. Also, you should visit your dentist to check your “bite”, but make sure that you do not have amalgam (mercury) fillings.
Acidic state of the body has a huge impact on your physical and mental health. therefore, you should consume more alkaline foods and try to maintain the alkalinity in your body. You can add Green Plus from Alternative Care Products or alkaline ash producing foods.
According to the Book of Wellbeing , you can gargle warm salt water and massage your gums and tongue gently with fine sea salt with your fingertips in order to improve circulation and change the acidity in the mouth. Also, you can combine Himalayan sea salt, Epsom salt, and baking soda with a twist of lemon.
It is good for you to know that even aromatized candles which you use for mediation and relaxation can also be the possible cause of your headache. Therefore, it is recommended that you use lead free wicks and candles that are made of either soy or bees wax only.
According to Dr. Cox, an occupational physician, a number of people who use mobile phones have symptoms such as nausea, headache, disorientation, dizziness and transient confusion. In this case, you should limit the use of your mobile phone. Also, you can use earphones in order to keep your phone away from your head.
Another important cause which may trigger your headache is the inability to express or receive emotions such as love, care, and tenderness, and the opposite, such as anger, rejection and hatred. However, headaches and migraines are frequently caused by the inner struggle of what`s wrong or right in certain situation, according to Daniel R. Condron, author of Permanent Healing.
Dr. Earl Mindell author of several nutritional and herb “bibles” suggests drinking a cup of peppermint or feverfew in order to relieve headache. Also, you can press the point between thumb and the index finger with the thumb and index finger of the other hand to experience instant headache relief.
Also, another part of the acupressure technique is to press the philtrum, (the indented area between the bottom of your nose and your up per lip) with the knuckle of your index finger tenderly and stop when you feel a sense of warmth, perspiration, or clamminess in any part of your body, meaning that you have restored the energy flow in your body.
Acupuncture has been proved extremely effective way to relieve headache naturally, according to the World Health Organization. Also, slow and deep breathing exercises may relieve stress and help you get rid of negative emotions. This will relieve headache as well.
According to the Essential Oils Desk Reference, published by Essential Science, therapeutic essential oils from Young Living like Idaho Tansy, Roman Chamomile can boost the oxygen levels in the blood.
Moreover, headache which is caused by sun over-exposure can be treated with Belladonna, while headache from constipation can be effectively relieved with Bryonia.
Hawaiian Healing Technique or Reiki is another very effective natural remedy for migraine.
In conclusion, maintaining a balance of body, mind and spirit is the key to good health and wellbeing.


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