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So many products now days are followed by the promise of great looking body and body figure to be jalousie of, and most of them are not even requiring exercise or a diet. U would think that that no harm is done, but is that really truth? Let me simplify that for you.
The secret of amazing body shape and figure lately is not called gym, rather spanx or tights. It may seam easy to wear them, but those wearing them know really well the pain and the discomfort of being squeezed in a garment that seams few sizes smaller for them. Regardless of how it feels most users are not aware how harmful can they be and sometimes even dangerous, because this way or the other, your organs are being tightly squeezed for a period of time, sometimes often. Chiropractor Dr. Karen Erickson and gastroenterologist Dr. John Kuemmerle recently revealed the danger caused wearing these garments.

Organ Compression
In order to achieve positive result, and the garments to serve their purose, the shape ware must be really tight. Dr. Keummerie states these clothes keep the intestines, colon and stomach stuffed and compressed which can lead to heartburn, acid reflux and erosive esophagitis.

However, your digestive tract is affected as well. This is because the intestines cannot do their work because of the pressure and the food does not go along and they do not contract. You have probably, at least once, unbuttoned your jeans after a heavy meal. All of us do this because this way we eliminate the pressure and allow the intestines do their job easily thus avoid unpleasant symptoms such as bloating, gas and abdominal discomfort.

Bowel Compression
People suffering from bowel disorders, like irritable bowel syndrome, should be wearing shapewear with caution. Increasing intra-abdominal pressure, in people having weakness in the bowel and a tendency towards incontinence, will most likely provoke episodes of incontinence.
Also, those wearing shapewear often delay going to the bathroom. Postponing urination can lead to stress incontinence, where you leak. It can also exaggerate stress incontinence in people who already have it.
Obstructed Breathing
Shallow breathing is yet another problem with shapewear. When you inhale, the diaphragm expands and the abdomen flares out. Unfortunately shapewear restricts this movement.
Numbness, Tingling, Blood Clots & Pain In The Legs
Sitting in shapewear can cause a condition called meralgiaparesthetica, which is a condition where the peripheral nerve in the thigh is compressed. This can often lead to numbness, tingling and pain in the legs. It is as if you have put rubber bands on both your upper thighs. This will tighten them when you sit down. The rubber band effect can also decrease your blood circulation and lead to blood clots. When people who are genetically prone to varicosities sit, while wearing shapewear, they can develop lymph congestion and varicose veins, which appears as swollen ankles.
Muscles Will Suffer
Shapewear is definitely no substitute for having strong muscles. It is highly important to develop muscle tone, since those muscles promote perfect posture, and keep your back alignment. Many people are using shapewear as a crutch in order to avoid using those muscles, but you must not be fooled into thinking shapewear works as a medical back brace. This product is not therapeutically but cosmetically designed, and that is a huge difference.
Can Create Infections
Shapewear traps moisture and everything else underneath it. This fact predisposes the person wearing them to both bacterial and yeast infections. The commonest infection is folliculitis because the bacteria often gets trapped in hair follicles and causes red puss-filled lumps. You can easily deal with folliculitis using natural antibacterials. However, if you use antibiotics, the recurrent infections can develop antibiotic resistance, which makes them in time harder to treat. These risks are higher when it comes to diabetics, overweight individuals and people who sweat excessively.
Dangers Of Overuse
You must always be smart and not wear these garments every single day and night for many hours. If you wear them on a night out or if you go on a special occasion, that is enough because it is not a good idea to wear them on a daily basis and sit while wearing them for many hours. If you are experiencing any of the abovementioned symptoms, it is highly recommendable to avoid shapewear for some time, or at least until the issues you are dealing with are completely resolved
Dangers Of Waist Training With Corsets
If you think Spanx are tight and uncomfortable, try to compare them with a vintage inspired item. Even though it is the latest fashion, body shaping garments, such as corsets are being used for centuries. The design and structure of the corset is used to contour the body and give the hourglass figure-like shape. Lately this type of body shape garments/corsets gains interest and popularity. In the world of celebrities, corsets are very popular. Kim Kardashian for example regularly posts selfies online shoving off her waist training procedure and methods. Many people wear corset unaware of the danger it might bring.
In order to reach the desired body shape, you must wear these types of corset-like garments regularly. Depending of the manufacture, they should be worn for at least few hours, sometimes all day. While it keeps the intestines compressed and tight, they will give you the popular shape. Popular believe is that wearing tight clothes makes you sweat much more than wearing regular ones, which results in losing body weight and waist size.
Professors and doctors say, not only these clothes are dangerous, but also it is not possible to lose so much weight in the waist area permanently.
Clinical professor and at the Yale School Of Medicine  Dr. Mary Jane Minkin claims that it does not matter the type of garments people wear, permanently losing weight is not medically possible.
Just by keeping your body squeezed you can have the shape you want, but after removing the corset, the body will transform again in its natural and biological shape.  Many times researches show the only and the best way to have the body you desire is by exercising regularly and eating healthy.
X-Rays Of Narrowed Ribs
A century ago women who were wearing corsets were high in number, some of them wishing to have hourglass shaped body to a higher level. Thanks to x-rays we can now clearly notice so many cases of displaced intestines, broken rib cages, disfigured rib cages and sometimes deformities. Best example can be found in the book “Le Corset” by Dr. Ludovic O’Followell where he included x-ray photos of women wearing the metal cages, and women without them. The Medical paper written 1908, also by Dr. Ludovic O’Followell, was meant to discuss the potential hazard of restraining the body, a subject often used as a plot for debate on a medical level as well as on a cultural one. In the photos presented for comparison he shows that women wearing tight corsets often have displaced organs, some of them are pressuring the spine, some of them are pushing the lower abdomen, and almost all of them have caused disfigured rib cages. In these cases those women had problems breathing because the bones were pushed against the lungs, and also had problems eating because of the mashed digestive system. Disagreement comes from the Victorian Era experts when it comes the subject of corsets, because modern day technology and medicine prove them to be wrong that corsets was not the cause of women becoming medically easy target for pneumonia and tuberculosis, or having permanent damage on the digestive system, enlarged liver or deformity. The influence of these medical findings by Dr. O’Followell and other respected doctors and specialists of the early years made the metal cages to be replaced with light and flexible items. 
How Corsets Effect The Organs
When looking at historic photographs on which there is representation of rearranged organs, one has to remember that natural position always varies between female and male anatomy.
This illustration is demonstrating the position and movement of the abdominal organs. The torso (on the left) is showing a body that has never experienced a corset. (Ovaries and uterus are not shown. However, they are located in the front bottom of the small intestines.)
The left torso shows a body that has been corseted. It shows a reduction from 6″ to 8″. The different colors indicate the following organs:
Green indicates the diaphragm
Dark blue indicates the liver
Light blue indicates the stomach
Red indicates the colon
Yellow indicates the small Intestines
Corsets Issues Today
New York bariatric physician Dr. Jyotindra Shah has told the Huffington Post that long-term use of a corset may bruise internal organs, restrict breathing and damage skin. Shallow breathing due to the chest compression may lead to light-headedness, and the garment’s rubbing against the skin and the pressure it causes can cause rashes.
Dr. Orly Avitzur, a neurologist and medical advisor for Consumer Reports has written extensively about the risks brought by shapewear. She has seen firsthand the growing number of women who were coming into her Tarrytown, New York to exercise for nerve problems that occur from wearing shapewear (like Spanx) along with skinny jeans, that compress the thighs, abdomen and butt.
A 15 year old soccer player came to see her because he was complaining of pain, tingling and numbness on the side of her thigh. It turns out it was due to a pinched nerve because of too much compression. The girl had also visit a gastrointestinal specialist because of stomach pain, which occurred along with the nerve problem just after she stopped wearing the shapewear.
Some wearers find them extremely uncomfortable, and also experience difficulty breathing, restricted movement and even deformities or rib damage. Many users have also complained about having digestive issues, heartburn and acid reflux, along with strong headaches, while a few have even develop bladder infections and vaginal yeast infections, especially if they delay going to the bathroom because it is very difficult  removing the garments.
Men, who wear these pieces of clothing, such as skinny jeans or belts that are too tight, can often develop digestive problems and nerve pain. The best advice is to avoid wearing these items or simply wear them for as less amount of time as possible. Think of Spanx and corsets as if they were a pair of fantastic stilettos. Wear them to some special occasions and events, but then take them off as soon as possible.
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