Use This Brilliant 20-Second Hack To Get The Maximum Amount Of Juice From A Lemon

samedi 7 novembre 2015
As someone who loves to spend time in the kitchen, I am constantly on the lookout for amazing food hacks that will make my cooking even easier.I’m willing to give any new technique a shot

So when I saw this fast and easy way to get way more juice out of a single lemon, I knew that it would quickly become one of my favorite hacks.

Using a handheld juicer to get fresh lemon juice can take a very long time, especially for someone like me who loves to make a big batch of lemonade. But this hack cuts that time down significantly by getting a surprisingly large amount of juice from each and every lemon.

This video shows how to get the most from your lemon with a free and easy food hack that only takes 20 extra seconds. All you need are a microwave and your handheld juicer. This is so simple that I can’t believe I didn’t know about it before!

Watch the video below to start getting the maximum amount of fresh lemon juice right away. Will you be trying this technique in your own kitchen? Let us know in the comments!

Video tutorial below:

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