Study: This Fruit Is More Powerful Than Chemo (And that’s not even the best discovery)

mercredi 11 novembre 2015
Graviola tree comes from South America, or more precisely, from the Amazon River basin. Generally, it is about 15-30 feet tall and has powerful nutritious value.

The fruit has pudding-like texture and look like horned melon. However, the most nutritious parts of this tree are the bark and the leaves. The health benefits of Graviola bark and leaves have been used by the Amazon natives for treating a number of health issues, including arthritis, parasites and liver disorders.

Graviola, commonly known as soursop, is believed to have 10.000 times more powerful effects than chemotherapy in destroying carcinogenic cells.

However, this has to be scientifically proved. On the other hand, the proved health benefits of Graviola include:

Strengthening of the immune system
Improves blood circulation
Powerful antioxidant properties which protect from aging
Stimulates lymphatic drainage
The immune boosting properties of Graviola have been officially approved by the FDA, but here are not included its anti-cancer properties. Moreover, the government agency demanded from the web sites to remove this information or they would face off penalties.

Regardless of FDA`s disapproval of using Graviola as an anti-cancer remedy, there are many people who use it for this purpose. In addition, there are a number of independent studies on Graviola`s potential anti-carcinogenic properties. However, there is no supported evidence that these and other health effects apply on humans.

The biggest and most important study on anti-cancer effects of Graviola was conducted by the Purdue University School of Pharmacy which examined compounds in the tree known as annonaceous acetogenings.

This study cost the university millions of dollars and it finally showed promising results since the compounds were proved to have the ability to inhibit the growth of cancer cells and keep the healthy cells intact. Moreover, these compounds showed to be functional against drug-resistant cancer cells as well.

However, the FDA emphasizes that these studies were conducted on cancer cells in tests tubes and not in clinical trials.

Therefore, it is recommended that you consult your doctor before starting any therapy with Graviola.

Organic Graviola Supplements

The most beneficial forms of Graviola are those which are grown in their natural environment and harvested in the wild. One of the best companies to buy Graviola supplements from is RainTree since this company has been examining the herbs for years and it is frequently cited as the best source of information on Amazon Rainforest herbs and medicinal plants.

Another company which cells high-quality Graviola supplements is Amazon Therapeutic laboratories.

Note: This article has informational purposes only and should not be taken as medical advice. Finally, it is recommended that you use Graviola under the instructions of a naturopathic physician who has previously used it in healing purposes.

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