Reduce Bloating And Get A Flat Stomach Fast With The Help Of 7 Simple Foods Swaps!

lundi 30 novembre 2015
The slow digestive system is the one to blame about the puffy midsection, which can be a result of bloat, instead of fat, especially in women over 40.
By following a few easy menu and lifestyle tricks you can beat bloat and improve your digestion according to a recent research. You just have to manage to bring into action these ideas right away and you will soon be sexier, flatter, and you’ll be able to fit into your clothes.

Remove Sugar Alcohols

What’s not completely digested are the low-caloric sweeteners found in diabetic, low-carb, sugar-free foods and flavored waters. This process of digestion makes the bacteria in the large intestine ferment them, resulting in gas, bloating, and diarrhea. In order to prevent that you should always check food labels and stay away from lacitol, sorbitol, xylitol, and mannitol.

Drink More Fluids

The consumption of enough liquid will help you when you are trying to flatten your belly and support your goal. When there is a sufficient amount of fluids in your system, the fiber is able to pull more liquid into the lower intestine and ease the process of constipation. On the other hand, what makes us more susceptible to the bloating feeling is when we don’t drink sufficient amount of fluids. It is recommended to drink water, diluted juice, green tea, plant organic milk, and coffee.  You should avoid alcohol though as it has a dehydrating impact on your system.  Try to stick to drinking at least 8 glasses of liquid a day, plus a lot of fluid-rich foods, such as fruit and vegetables.

Eat More Potassium-Rich Foods

Some of the foods which can help you shrink your middle by losing the excess water weight are bananas and potatoes. The excess of fluid in your system is mainly caused by two minerals: sodium and potassium. These two minerals regulate the amount of water in the body, and if they go out of balance, you are likely to end up with high sodium levels and your tissues holding on to fluid.  You can certainly improve this imbalance by increasing the potassium intake to 4,700 mg a day.  In order to achieve this, you are supposed to consume about 4 ½ cups of produce on daily basis. You can include 1 medium banana, ½ a cup of cooked spinach, a medium baked potato with its skin, 1 medium papaya, 1 medium orange, ½ a cup of tomato sauce, or ½ a cup of steamed edamame.

Eat Your Fiber

Starting the day with a breakfast rich in healthy dose of fiber, is one of the easiest ways to get rid of fat as constipation distends your belly.  This improves the function of the digestive system. If fiber is consumed consistently and on regular basis, it stays that way.
One of the greatest options to do this are high fiber cereals.  What’s more effective is the consumption of both kinds of fiber at once according to a study conducted by researchers from University of Toronto who deal with the nature of breakfast cereals.  It was found that the participants had an easier way staying regular with a cereal that contained both types of fiber, the soluble and insoluble ones. They work in synergy to pull water into your colon, speed up elimination, and make you look and feel lighter.  You can try the Bran cereal with almond, coconut, non-GMO soy milk, and little bit of pure raw honey.

Cut Back on Salt

The majority of people tend to consume more than twice as much sodium as they should. This bloats your belly by causing water retention.  You should always check for sodium on the labels of packaged foods, as they provide about ¾ of the daily intake for women.

Avoid Soda and Eat Slower

What you experience as a gas and a distended tummy is when air reaches your digestive system. You should replace the carbonated drinks with juice, water, or green tea.  When it comes to swallowed air, it is usually caused by eating or drinking quickly, sucking on hard candy, sipping through a straw, and chewing gum.  You should chew slowly with your mouth closed in order to prevent air from reaching your digestive system.

Eat More Probiotics

An imbalance of gut bacteria can slow down your digestive system and puff up your belly according to a research published in Alimentary Pharmacology and Therapeutics.  However, some of the products containing live bacteria (probiotics), such as kefir and Greek yogurt, can be very helpful as the bacteria seem to tame tummy bloat by improving the intestinal mobility and relieving constipation. It is recommended to eat  4-ounces of either kefir or yogurt, containing active cultures on daily basis.

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