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Ovarian cyst is a bubble filled with liquid or semi-liquid content that appears on the very ovaries. Cysts can occur at any age, but they usually occur in the reproductive period and rarely after menopause.
Except that they may cause ovarian enlargement, they can also cause other symptoms such as bleeding and infertility. In most cases, the cysts are harmless, burst on their own, and some need to be surgically removed.

The most common cause for their creation is the absence of follicles bursting during ovulation (follicular cyst) or endometriosis (“chocolate” cyst). However, the origin of some growths of this type has not yet been determined. Anyway, hormonal disorders and inflammation are considered to play very important role when it comes to formation of cysts.
Those cysts that are small generally do not cause symptoms, but sometimes can mild abdominal pain and uncomfortable feeling of pressure on the bladder or bowel may occur. But if it comes to larger cysts, their popping and pouring the contents into the abdominal cavity can cause acute pain. Also sudden sharp pain can occur in twisting large cysts.
Besides that, irregular and intense bleeding as well as absence of menstruation may also occur. Most cysts are diagnosed with gynecological examination.
In most cases, the cysts are withdrawn on their own (they burst), and their growth can be stopped with hormones.
If the diameter is greater than four centimeters, and the drug therapy does not give the expected results, their surgical removal must be applied. Phytotherapy may be helpful in the treatment of ovarian cysts, as well as in stopping their growth.
Besides medications prescribed as a therapy, in case of ovarian cysts, you can help yourself by consuming natural teas from medicinal herbs.
In addition we will present a recipe for tea preparation that will help in the treatment of ovarian cysts.
Ingredients needed:
  • 300 grams of calendula
  • 100 grams of horsetail
  • 100 grams of yarrow
  • 100 grams of nettle
Method of preparation:
Put all abovementioned ingredients in a glass bowl, pour boiling water over them and cover the bowl you are using. Strain the mixture after 15 minutes.
Way of consuming:
Drink half a liter of the tea on a daily basis, during a period of three months. After that you need to make a one-month break before you repeat the whole therapy.

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