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Itchy skin could be very annoying condition. Itchiness could be a symptom of a skin disorder, which can be result of some serious conditions. 

Problems with infection, hormones, kidney ailment and cancer can be the reasons for itchy skin. If you experience this symptom the best thing to be done is to undergo blood testing and have a doctor do a fully physical analysis.
If you experience chronic itchy skin, you must visit your doctor as soon as possible because you might treat the itch and probably not the underlying cause.
Pruritus Caused by Eczema
Intensive itching and delicate red skin is known as eczema. It can also be called pruritus, which can be result of psoriasis or particular allergen triggers. The triggers may be anything from laundry detergent to plants, makeup and lotions or food and drugs that you use.
Infection Can Make for Itchy Skin
Infections are one of the common causes for itchy skin in children, especially problems like measles and chicken pox. As we grow older, the infections become more severe and yet, they can manifest with itchiness as annoying side effect. HIV has been connected to pruritus. Other problems like scabies and lice can result with itchiness as well.
Cancer Can Cause Itchy Skin
This cause is the one we fear the most. Also the people aren’t aware that cancer could cause this side effect. The itchy skin can be caused by breast cancer, ovarian cancer and throat cancer.
Itchy skin throughout entire body could be a symptom of leukemia or another blood cell cancer. This happens because the autoimmune disarrays are impacting the patient’s organs, including the skin, with the help of the patient’s own immune system. Itchiness is possible side effect of this issue.
Kidney Failure Can Give You a Case of Itchy Skin as Well
Urea accumulation in the organism is another cause for continuous itching. This results from the kidneys’ failure to perform their main function, cleaning the blood from the waste.
There are other substances that are normally filtered by the kidneys that can cause itchiness. Also, the patient who are treated for kidney failure, itchiness can appear as a result of dialysis.
You should also keep in mind that liver disease, neurological problems and conditions that are caused by endocrine problems can be cause for itchy skin.
It is a fact that itchy skin can mean any of the above mentioned health problems and disease or it may mean nothing. The best thing for you is to visit your doctor if you notice any suspicious occurrence or you are already dealing with continuous cases of itchy skin and you find it hard to deal with this health problem by using only lotion or good body wash. Most of the conditions can be solved quickly without having any serious effect on your life if you notice them early.
Anyway, don’t ignore the itchy skin because it could mean that you are only waiting longer before getting diagnosed with some serious health issue or disease. That could affect your life and change the way you live.
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