If You Want A Flat Stomach, Stay Away From The Following Six Foods You Probably Consume Daily

mercredi 11 novembre 2015
Do you want flat stomach? …. Yes? Here is how to make it now.
It is very simple to burn the belly fat around your waistline. Generally people suggest drinking a lot of water to lose belly fat. However to maintain healthy food diet is also important to lose belly fat.
We will present foods that you need to do’s and don’ts you should follow to get a flat stomach. This will help you to get rid of bloating and lose the abdominal fat in no time

1.  Say Goodbye to Dairy Food
We are all familiar with fact that milk is a healthy drink, but you have to avoid it to get a flat stomach. The intake of milk can lead to gases and bloating and thus you should avoid it. You can go for yogurt instead of milk if you are fond of dairy food.
2. No More Processed Food, Coffee, Refined Sugar and Alcohol
It is needed sacrifice and avoid intake of coffee and alcohol to get rid of belly fat. The processed food increases the process of fat accumulation and thus leads to bulky tummy. The refined sugar is an obstacle in the process of burning fat. Thus avoid this foodstuff in your daily diet.
3. Reduce Consumption of Salt
Most of the people love salt in foodstuff as per our taste preference. But are you aware that the excessive intake of salt leads to water retention in your body? So, don’t go for too much salt in your food, just avoid salt as much as possible for you.
4. Hot Spices- Go Away
There is problem with stomach irritation which you often experience is due to the increased secretion in your stomach stimulated by hot spicy foodstuff. The consumption of hot spices leads to digestion issue and help to accumulate fat near the stomach. So, don’t eat food with hot spices.
5. Cut Down Carbohydrates
You should know that carbohydrates undermine the belly fat burning process. You should avoid pasta, bread and sweet food. Go for food which is rich in protein content.
6. Say “Yes” to Fruit
Always healthy to eat – Fruits!. But you have to be careful to choose right fruit for weight loss. Intake of pears or apples will provide you more fructose which will slow down the body metabolism. Get some citrus fruit added in your diet to reduce belly fat.


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