Here Is How This SUPER-FRUIT Can JUMPSTART Weight Loss In No Time!

vendredi 6 novembre 2015
Indian gooseberry, or also known as “Amla”, may not be the most delicious fruit in the world, but it has powerful anti-bacterial, anti-inflammatory and anti-viral properties. It is an excellent source of vitamin C and it stimulates the fat-burning process. Also, it cleanses your body and speeds up the metabolism. Moreover, the traditional ayurvedic mixture for weight loss, “Triphala”, is made from bibhitaki, haritaki and amla fruit.

Raw Food– If you don`t like the bitter taste, you can soak it in honey. You can consume it as a snack on daily basis.

Juicing– You can squeeze the fruit and prepare a fresh juice. If you cannot stand the taste, simply dilute it. This drink will boost your energy and keep you active throughout the day. Also, it will promote regular bowel movements and strengthen immunity. If you consume it in the morning on an empty stomach, you will cleanse your body from toxins and your skin will be brighter.

Soaking– Dip a few amlas in water and leave them overnight. Next, crush them in the same water and strain it. Consume the drink on daily basis and soon you will notice the positive effects.
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