Drink This Mixture Every Morning on an Empty Stomach to Relieve Back and Joint Pain Fast

vendredi 27 novembre 2015
We are going to share with you an old recipe from a military doctor which will heal your bones and make you healthy in no time.  If you are experiencing back, joints or leg pain this recipe will do wonders for your body.

First let’s see what will you need?
Go to a store and buy yourself edible gelatin about 150gr. This amount will be good for a one month treatment.
How to prepare it?
Quite simple actually, take about two flat teaspoons of the gelatin and mix it in a quarter cup cold water. Mix in the gelatin thoroughly and leave the cup of water overnight for the gelatin to dissolve. Do not put in the fridge, just cover it up and leave it on the counter. Drink the entire amount in the morning, it’ll turn into a jelly by morning, don’t worry that’s normal. Make sure you drink it before breakfast, before anything actually, on an empty stomach, its best that way.
If you don’t like the taste you can pour the mixture in a glass of juice, milk or yogurt, you can add some honey, whichever you prefer.  You’ll need to drink this mixture every morning for a month, than make a six month break, and you can repeat it again if you feel the need. The gelatin is good for your joints because it serves as a kind of grease and eliminates the tension between the joints.
People who had back pain or joint pain or neck pain had completely stopped feeling any pain after just one week of drinking this miraculous potion. It will heal everything in just 7 days.
Why is gelatin so important?
Maybe you didn’t know, but gelatin is actually from animal origin. It contains collagen in its purest form and is a byproduct from large cattle connective tissue processing (tendons, bones, cartilage). The gelatin is very beneficial for internal fibers and small vessels rejuvenation. Its main ingredients proline and hidrosiprolin, amino acids, have a very positive effect on connective tissue renewal. When our joints hurt, it’s most likely as a result of connective tissue degeneration, gelatin is recommended in such cases because it boosts the production of this connective tissue.
The many benefits of gelatin:
  • It increases joints and heart muscle strength
  • It Boosts metabolism
  • It improves mental capabilities
  • It improves complexion
  • It increases the elasticity and strength of ligaments and tendons
  • It prevents osteoporosis and osteoarthritis
  • It stimulates hair and nails growth and improves their condition
  • It’s essential for dysplasia prevention

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