dimanche 22 novembre 2015
There are many tasty and low calorie drinks that helps digestion and keep you fit. You can even make these drinks at home using only natural ingredients without sugars and additives.

  1. Tasty water
Whether being on a diet or not, water is one of the most important drinks that keeps you healthy. It helps digestion, detoxification and kills appetite. Feel free to add lemon juice to get compound similar to stomach acid or you can also add ginger to boost the metabolism. Mix water with different fruits or plants to make it tastier.
  1. Mint tea
The mint helps digestion and fat absorption. It also boosts metabolism and kills appetite due to its diuretic properties. Many types of toothpaste contain mint to achieve breath refreshment affect.
  1. Pineapple frappe
The bromelain, an enzyme provided by pineapples, helps protein digestion, digestion generally and bloated belly. In order to intensify these effects, add linseed oil in the pineapple frappe.
  1. Green tea
Most of the green tea’s polyphenols are catechins, responsible for fat burning. We recommend consuming green tea before training to boost burning calories. Additional reason for drinking green tea is due to its power to lower cholesterol levels and risk for cancer development. It also positively affects conditions like diabetes, stress and virus infections.

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