12 Breast Changes That Reveal Your Overall Health. No Woman Should Ignore Them!

dimanche 29 novembre 2015
The breast can reveal many health process and disorders that occurs in the female’s body. That’s why you should never ignore these 12 changes:

  1. A sharp increase on the breasts
-It could be gaining weight. Every pound affects the size of the breast directly.
-It could be a PMS, or side effect from new type of contraception. The last option is pregnancy.
  1. Sharp decrease of breast
-it could be a sign that you are losing weight. The breasts are full with fatty tissue and with losing weight the tissue reduces.
  1. One breast is larger than other
-It is a typical occurrence for any women, but especial is more apparent during PMS.
-it could be a sign of breast cancer. Any abnormal tissues changes and altering breast shape is an alert for medical control.
  1. Irritation of the skin under the breasts
-Allergic reaction to material. Color fabric or wire which often could be found in bras.
-it could be a sign for skin inflammation, which is common in women with big breasts. Friction combined with sweat this creates irritation.
  1. Lumps in the breast aureole
-it is a natural change of the nipple. The role of the breasts is milk production, and the small lumps are terminations of glands. They could be very noticeable during menstrual cycle.
  1. One bigger lump on the aureole
-It could be a breast cyst. Cysts usually are not dangerous, but you need to control them.
it could be a sign of tumor. Changes inside the breasts, especially those that can be seen, should be immediately report to your gynecologist.
  1. Hairy nipples
-It could be reaction of certain cosmetics or drugs containing male hormones.
-It could refer to polycystic ovary syndrome. Other symptoms are frequent acnes and irregular menstruation cycle.
  1. Itching nipples
-Indicates to allergic reaction of showering lotion, body lotion or fabric. It is required to wash the new bras before usage to prevent this kind of occurrence.
-it could be a sign of menstruation. Sometimes the hormonal changes lead to itching.
-It might refer to nipple cancer. Although it is rare, however combined with secretion it could be alarming.
  1. White secretion from the nipple
-it could be caused by physical stimulation, unrelated with pregnancy.
-it could be side effect from certain drugs. It is not dangerous, but it is a side effect that should not be ignored.
  1. Red secretion from the nipple
-indicates to benign tumor which can occur in the milk channel of the breasts. Certainly you need a doctor’s advice.
  1. Tissue lump on the breast
-It could be a dilated milk channel, but often appears because the changes before menstruation or stress.
-It could be a cyst or tumor. If the changes become more noticeable it is required to visit a doctor.
  1. Big lump in any part of the breast
-it could refer to a cyst. If the lump is round and you feel that moves when you are pressing, it is likely to be a benign cyst. Usually is big around 1cm.
-It could be a sign for breast cancer. Therefore this change should not be ignored. If you not feel that it’s moving and changing under finger pressure than immediately visit a doctor.

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