You’re Wearing Your Bra Completely Wrong! Here’s Why

mardi 27 octobre 2015
Let’s get one thing straight: bras are not designed for men … or at least they shouldn’t be.
You wear them. You love them. And you have to deal with them when they get super itchy, tight or bulgy.
So why on earth would you pick one based on what someone who isn’t even wearing it might think? Spoiler alert: they’re thinking, “Boobs.”
Instead, keep your mind solely focused on you to make the girls as comfy as possible.

Whether you just lost weight, haven’t gone in years or haven’t even tried before, first things first before we even start: know your size.
Grab some measuring tape, follow along, and make sure you don’t commit any of these mistakes that could prevent your boobs from looking, and more importantly feeling, their best!

1. Don’t Cheap Out.

The number one problem? You buy one of those crappy bras that last about five seconds and end up buying a new one the next week. “Oh, but the polka dots are so cute!” No one cares.
What’s worse is that bra was what, $35? So spend $15 more and you’ll have a bra that can literally last you years.
Seriously. I have one from first-year university that still makes my boobs look great. Note: I am no longer in first-year university … at all … not even close.

2. Watch That Bra Strap.

Not for lurking culprits who try to undo it unsuspectingly. I made that up, it’s not a thing.
Look in the mirror and see if your bra strap is riding up your back. If it is, your bra is too small. But don’t go too loose either because your strap will stretch as you wear it. Not tight, not loose, just right. Your breasts deserve the comfiest of cups.

3. Speaking Of Cups…

Just like the strap, you shouldn’t have cups that are too big or too small. If too big, your cups will show an ugly space under your shirt. Ew.
If too small, your boobs will bulge out of your bra. Not. Sexy.
So make sure the underwire rests nicely against your rib cage and not the underside of your breasts. Then girls’ll be perkier than me after five cups of coffee!
Next, we’ll look at the less obvious points of contact to see if that bra is right for you.

4. Take A Bite Out Of Bulge.

Again, if a bra is tight, your body will let you know. You should never EVER have anything bulging out. If it does, it’s too small.
But if you have the right size and there is still bulging happening, you may need a model that distributes the weight better. In other words, seek professional help!

5. We Don’t Want To See It.

Unless you have one of those amazing rhinestone or spiked bras that are meant to be seen, no one wants to see your bra. And I don’t mean wearing a pink one under a white shirt (though really, I hate that).
If the outline of your bra is showing through your shirt, your bra is too big. Luckily, there are so many options for seamless bras out there that once you find the right fit, everyone will just assume you’re naturally that stunning!

6. Go Strapless.

No, not necessarily a strapless bra, though there are great ones out there.
I mean that no one really wants to see your bra strap. It’s like breaking the fourth wall of a magic show: you don’t want people to KNOW it’s all an illusion. You just want them to be amazed.
So make sure to buy some bras with removable straps or straps that can be moved around. Before you buy that awesome shirt with a crazy back, make sure you have a bra that will work with it. Adhesive tape is also the best option to keep those straps in place.

7. Make Sure You’re ACTUALLY The Size You Claim.

As I mentioned earlier: seek professional help.
Step one of making sure your bra fits is to go for a fitting. Our bodies are constantly changing, whether we like to admit it or not, so every so often it’s best to go in and make sure your bras are up-to-date with your breasts. Finally, taking your bra off when you get home won’t be the feeling you yearn for all day long.
Keep all these tips in mind and your boobs will look great no matter what you wear!


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