What the shape of your toes says about you?

lundi 19 octobre 2015

The shape of the foot is not trivial. It is capable of revealing much about the character, health status and the state of mind of a person. Indeed, the shape of a foot and toes precisely that can reveal the personality and character traits of an individual.

There are three forms of the foot: the Greek foot, Egyptian and square.

The Egyptian foot: This is the most common foot. It is characterized by a big toe bigger than the other fingers.
The Greek foot: This is the type of foot that comes after the Greek foot. The big toe is smaller than the second finger.
The latter is larger and longer than all other fingers.
Square foot: This kind of foot comes last. The first 4 fingers are all aligned.
Reveals that the length of our toes to our character? A Does any correlation with our lineage? Several studies have demonstrated the relationship between the shape of the toes and the lineage and revealed, in addition, the meaning of each type of toes.

In an article on the length of the toes, the author Jane Sheehan said: “This is the analysis of the structure, texture and imbalances feet to understand the emotions and personality of someone.” In The UK’s The Telegraph, it advances the following:

The second toe longer than the other

This indicates leadership qualities. The great personalities of the ancient Egyptian and Hawaiian royal dynasties all had long second toes. A person who has the second longest toe than other active, sporty and creative. She loves the movement and has great capacity to train the people around him.

A regular walk with a third toe that angles

According to Jane Sheehan, people with this kind of toe, have the natural ability to deceive and the propensity to be misunderstood.This type of toe is commonly found among spies. A person with this type of foot has an outgoing and social personality, always ready to travel and discover new cultures and undertake unusual intellectual experiences.
The little tiny toe
Indicates a childish character, with a great playful sense.
The second toe of the left foot that leans towards the big toe
This type of toe is the sign of a nostalgic and sentimental kind. Hollywood actor Reece Witherspoon has that kind of distance.
The little toe as an angle that points
Jane Sheehan find this style floor Indicates an unconventional kind. Being able to move the little toe means agitation and a constant need for change.
The length of the toes is a subject that has interested more than one on the canvas. Juan Ma was passionate about this subject as to spend hours doing research. The result is as follows:
The human genome determines several physical factors such as skin, hair, eye color, the shape of the body and limbs, and so many other things ranging from baldness to certain diseases.
Human morphology is a legacy.
There are other studies that have revealed endemic tribal and family characteristics, such as lack of fingerprints for example, among the Basque people.
We must take into account the diversity of origins, since almost all races are mixed over the past 500 years.Very few lines that remain ‘pure’.
Egypt is in Africa, so for those who have an African origin, it is advisable to check the type of Egyptian toe.

Some people may wonder why the Hispanic and Asian feet are not included in the table, but the answer is obvious … All persons of Hispanic or Asian descent are not the same. For example, Spanish root is valid both for Spain as Mexico. The feet of a South Korean-they would be the same as those of a Chinese or Japanese?

Juan Ma says his line is Russian, Polish, Spanish and Italian. However, the shape of his feet, according to the table, indicates that it is for the Greek lineage.


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