The One Herb You Need to Sniff to Improve Your Memory

lundi 19 octobre 2015
Everyone has problems remembering things once in a while, and some people experience more difficulty than others. Luckily, there is a natural way to improve your memory, and all it takes is a sniff!
You may have heard that nuts can improve your memory, or perhaps that coffee stimulates your memory as well, but did you know that rosemary has been used to stimulate memory for hundreds of years?

How Does Rosemary Helps To Improve Memory?
Every circumstance is different, but a study suggests that rosemary breaks down acetylcholine, which is a chemical found in your brain. This allows for nerve cells to communicate better with each other.
This study included a series of tests being performed on a number of subjects. These people were placed in a room with a diffuser filled with drops of rosemary essential oil. After the specified amount of time, the subjects were asked to perform tasks like finding objects and handing them over to instructors at certain times.
Other subjects were placed in another room and asked to do the same thing, however, these people were not exposed to the aroma of rosemary. The study showed that the people who experienced the aroma of rosemary performed much better than those who were not exposed to the scent.
These tests further suggest that the aroma of rosemary can improve long-term memory and cognitive memory in adults. Exposing yourself to this aroma on a regular basis may actually help you remember the important things that you have to take care of everyday!
Remember to Use Rosemary!
So, next time you’re cooking, take the time to incorporate some rosemary into the mix. Rosemary enhances the flavor of many different meats including lamb, pork, chicken and rabbit. You can also roast vegetables like potatoes, beets, carrots and garlic with a sprig of parsley.
Add rosemary to your next barbecue or your next salad; it’s a very versatile herb!
Alternatively, you can use rosemary oil to add a pleasant scent to whatever room you’re in. However you use rosemary, your brain will thank you for it!
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