See Where you’re Storing Fat The Most and Get a Good Clue for How to Fix It!

mardi 20 octobre 2015
Have you tried so many different ways to have healthy life and failed? Sometimes it is because of lack of information, or maybe you are just doing it wrong.

Obesity can be identified in six different places of the body. These areas can help you determine certain lifestyle changes you need to make to avoid obesity.

Now we want to share something really impressive and functional and we are sure that this could be one of the steps that could help you living a healthy life. The secret lies on the type of obesity you’re dealing with. Most people are unaware of the different types of obesity, and the specific ways to get rid of it.

Here are six types of obesity and tips on how to specifically get rid of your unwanted body fat:

Obesity of food
The most common type of obesity in the world – excessive food and sugar intake. What to do? Reduce your intake, obviously, and exercise for at least half an hour a day.

Obesity of Nervous Stomach
Depression, stress, and anxiety are also factors that can lead to obesity. Those suffering from obesity of a nervous stomach often eat too much sugar. Try cutting sugar out of your diet and being proactive about the cause of your depression.

Gluten Obesity
This mainly occurs in adolescent or menopausal women (women undergoing significant hormonal changes). Gluten obesity is best avoided by removing bad habits such as smoking, drinking, and sitting for long periods, and exercising with weights.

Atherogenic metabolic obesity
These are the people who usually accumulate a lot of fat in their abdomen. They have trouble breathing and must decrease liquor utilization to battle this sort of weight.

Obesity due to venous circulation
This type of obesity is considered to be genetically inherited. Usually occurs in pregnant women or people with swollen legs. The most efficient way to combat this type of obesity is by climbing stairs and running.

Obesity of Inactivity
Obesity of inactivity basically targets areas that used to be active, that you no longer use. Eating your food at regular interval times can help speed up the metabolism and fight this obesity.

Try to keep smoking, alcohol, and sugar out of your diet, and try to get a decent amount of exercise while sticking to a healthy diet.

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