vendredi 2 octobre 2015

Amazing Smokey Eye Makeup Tutorial 

Make a perfect smokey eye without needing many makeup shadows or tools. Smokey eyes are perfect for special occasions where you want to stand out. They look amazing on light colored eyes, but also for dark colored eyes as you can see in the pictures. There is just something hypnotic about smokey eyes, something charming that will give a special attentions to the person wearing them.

What you will need:
– thick black pencil;
– thick beige pencil;
– small brush.
Directions: After you have done applying your foundation and eye primer, take the black pencil and make a thick line along the upper lash line of your eyes. Take your small brush and start blending and moving the color up on your eyelid just until you reach the bone. Take your beige pencil and make a line just right over the black ends of your makeup made before. Take your black pencil again and do a line on the lower part of your eyes, this one should be thinner. Apply mascara and you are done. Enjoy your quick and easily made perfect smokey eyes.

How To Give a Classic Lift To Your Eyes

This tutorial is perfect for eyes that have fallen corners or just look tired. You know when you are tired, you have dark circles and your entire face seems to be fallen. Using a few makeup tricks you can actually lift up the corners of your eyes with using dark eyeshadow and playing with shades. The trick stays in the technique and you will find out how to master it.
To create this look you will need:
– eyeshadow primer;
– dark eyeshadow of your choice;
– black eye pencil;
– small blending brush;
– mascara.
Directions: For a long lasting makeup always apply a primer to your face and eyelids. It will make the eyeshadow stick to the lid much easier, not to mention it will last longer. Apply a beige or light color to your eyelids with a small brush. Take the black pencil and draw a line along the upper lash line, smudge it a little bit then start the work with the dark eyeshadow. Take the small blending brush and put some product on it. Start making a V like shape on the outer corners of your eyes and blend more. Follow the pictures to make an idea of how the V should look. Take the black pencil and draw a line along the lower lash line of your eyes and don’t forget to add mascara. Mascara is a must!
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