samedi 10 octobre 2015
Mouth herpes is not dangerous but is very anesthetic and unpleasant.
When you feel herpes is breaking out do not panic and go running to the store. You can treat it efficiently at home in just 1 minute.
But keep in mind is important to try treat herpes as fast as you can so it will not grow and make a nasty crust because even If you use tones of foundation you will not be able to cover it entirely.

I will present 2 ways you can treat herpes at home in just 1 minutes. Just choose your favorite.
Baking soda
You need to mix some baking soda with some water and soak a gauze or a compress in this mixture and apply it on the herpes. You can keep it there as long as you like because it will help dry the herpes faster.
Also baking soda is wonderful for itching.
Black Tea
You need to take a black tea bag, soak it for few minutes in warm water and apply it on the herpes for several minutes.
Or you can prepare a concentrate black tea, soak a little compress in it and put them over the herpes. It will make the area look better in a bit.

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