mardi 13 octobre 2015
Most women are not satisfied with the way they look, even though in reality they look very good. One of the most common problems among women is the belly fat. Even after sport and diet, belly fat seems that will never go away. Find the link between ordinary garlic and fat belly.
If you’re experiencing this issue, learn that specialists may have found a lifesaving procedure. And this solution is more accessible than you could have ever imagined – ordinary garlic.
Did you know that garlic can help dispel hunger? Allicin, a substance found in garlic that provides him its specific smell, suppresses excessive appetite. Moreover, the strong smell of garlic seems to stimulate certain nerve centers in the brain that transmit the satiety feeling. In addition, once in the stomach, garlic accelerates combustion and therefore its consumption affects metabolism.
All these qualities have led Israel specialists to carry out a series of tests on garlic properties, and the results showed that when is consumed regularly, garlic can improve a number of body functions and can be effective even in the fight against obesity because it suppresses excessive appetite and melts fat deposits.
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