Easy SFX Makeup Tutorials For Halloween

jeudi 8 octobre 2015
The Chelsea Smile

A Chelsea Smile is a torture term also known as the Glasgow Smile or the Chelsea Grin. A victim's mouth is cut and then extreme pain is inflicted causing the victim to scream in turn ripping the corners of the victim's mouth and forming a "smile." It's easier than it seams if you want to recreate this look for halloween, all you need is gelatine, fake blood and some skills! Here's below the complete Youtube tutorial:

Sliced Fingers

At first glance these sliced fingers may seem hard or tricky to achieve, but it's really not! All you need is Nose & Scar wax, fake blood, and foundation or concealer same as you skin tone. Put the wax on the desired places like it's shown in the pictorial, add some fake blood and voilà! For a more detailed tutorial check the video below: 

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