7 Fashion Mistakes that Age You

lundi 12 octobre 2015
In our younger age we tend to wear whatever we want and experiment new fashion, but as we get older we're not able to continue that because of the changes in our bodies. Of course it doesn't mean that we should let ourselves go and not be fashionable anymore. Here are these tips and tricks that we should follow to not look older:

1. BACK IN BLACK – You are wearing black as a slimming color – all the time. While this may be true black tends to make us look hard and more weathered as we get older. It is fine to incorporate black into your style, but soften it. Also please I beseech you avoid harsh black liner. It is no ones friend. A nice dark brown does wonders.
2. MUFFIN BACK – Wrong bra or wrong hook. We have all seen the gal who has little fat pads squishing out of her bra. If you wear a sweater and see rolls where the should not be please go to the lingerie department & get fitted for a new bra.
3. ROLLS AND LUMPS – And speaking of extra lumps and bumps…shapewear is your friend, all the time. Don’t just pull it out for special occasions. Make sure it fits snuggly but not too tight. You should be able to breathe.
Added bonus – they are coming out with some sexy new pieces so you don’t have to look like your mom in a girdle.
4. INCORRECT CAMOUFLAGE – You are sporting baggy clothes. – Look, I know we all have problem areas. If I was trying to hide all of mine I would basically wear a garbage bag all the time. But this does nothing good for us. Try a tailored jacket/. Don’t go shapeless go tailored. Own those curves.
KNEES –  I know our knees are no longer pretty but you can wear tights, a bit below the knee at most. Anything lower than that is just dowdy (unless it is one of those cute long summer skirts) that is a whole other story to be featured later.Avoid those below the knee, hanging out around the shin tea length skirts
6. ALL THE WRONG PLACES – Jersey Fabric – I know it is super comfy but unless you are built like Heidi Klum stay away from jersey material. It has the uncanny ability to accentuate every problem area you have.
7. GOBBLE GOBBLE – Do you have a turkey neck too? Is your skin looking similar to beef jerky when you wake up? I know the logical thing is to wear a turtle neck but try to avoid these. They really age us. Instead opt for a collared shirt of v neck.These actually draw attention away from the neck (but don’t show too much booby and cleavage)

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