Reduce facial wrinkles with coconut oil

dimanche 6 septembre 2015
Coconut oil may have important benefits for the whole body, including the skin. This oil is high in saturated fats and antioxidants that can reduce wrinkles if you eat it or if you apply to your skin.
Despite the many statements of profit and popularity of this oil on hair products, there is no conclusive clinical evidence supporting any health benefit.

Coconut oil
Pressed coconut oil is rich in saturated fat and can have special benefits contrary to popular belief. Consuming coconut oil instead of other oils can have significant health benefits, like slowing the aging process and preventing cancer.
Saturated fats
Saturated fat from coconuts can act as antioxidants. This is the reason why oil is not damaged and can withstand very high cooking temperatures. This action can help reduce skin wrinkles, can slow the process of peroxidation, which is stimulated by ultraviolet light, which causes wrinkles on your skin.
Consuming coconut oil
Eating coconut oil can give your body a good source of antioxidants and saturated fat to fight free radicals and to reduce the effects of aging. The excess of unsaturated fats can reduce the total supply of antioxidants from your body and lead to accelerated aging.
External use
Coconut oil can be the best product to use on your skin. Coconut oil has beneficial long-term effects on the elasticity and appearance of your skin. The saturated fats of coconut oil can make a smoother skin, less wrinkles and reducing liver spots. Use skin creams and other treatments containing coconut oil or apply it directly to the skin to experience its benefits.
We recommend consuming virgin coconut oil, unrefined, as the refining process may remove beneficial components.

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