Makeup tips for brown eyes

vendredi 18 septembre 2015
Makeup tricks for brown eyes can be tricky to find right? There are so many makeup tricks for brown eyes all over the place, but there aren’t any lists out there. So ladies here’s 5 tricks for brown eyes that will really make your browns sparkle and shine, no matter what shade they are!

1. Metallic tones for brown eyes
Brown eyes are so beautiful, no matter what shade they are, why not bring them out that much more with some metallic tones?
Golds, bronze, browns and even pink are all colors that can truly make your brown eyes stand out that much more!
2. White liner
A lot of people don’t think that white liner is attractive, but if you pair white liner with some metallic tones that bring out brown eyes? It can look incredible! Not only will the white liner highlight your brown eyes, but this is one makeup trick for brown eyes that a lot of people don’t think about!
3. Deep plum eyeliner
Purple is one of the many colors that goes beautifully with brown eyes. Try this out ladies, switch out your brown or black eyeliner for a deep plum eyeliner. Instantly, you’ll see a huge difference in how your brown eyes pop! This makeup trick for brown eyes has been around forever, but so many people forget about it!
4. Know your color
You want to know about the color of your brown eyes. Whether they are amber brown, deep chocolate brown or light, light brown – you want to match your eye makeup to the color of your eyes. Brown eyes come in so many different shades!
5. Champagne tones
This is a color you don’t really think about in the way of eye makeup tricks right? Champagne eyeliner is ideal for brown eyes, as it is tamer than stark white (which can work in many looks too!) but it also draws out the beauty of those baby browns!
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