Easy SFX Halloween Tutorials

mercredi 2 septembre 2015
Halloween is in a month and everyone is already preparing for it, but the main problem is figuring out what costume and makeup to wear! Some choose to be cute and sexy, while others love to show up creepy and scary to parties, if you're from the second category, you will absolutely love these easy to make ideas, keep reading to find them!

Bullet Wound

For this you will need: Modeller wax, vampire blood, foundation same as your skin tone, flesh latex, red and black paint and little spatulas.

By using modeled wax create a bullet wound on your forehead or any other part of your body, stick with the flesh latex then apply a little foundation over it. Next make little details of the bullet with the help of the spatula. Color the inside with a black paint and the outside with the vampire blood for a more realistic look.

Zombie Wound

For all The Walking Dead fans, you don't have to be a SFX specialist to make this! All you need is Liquid Latex, Kleenex paper, a red lipstick, foundation or concealer, red and black eyeshadows and a fake blood

Start by mixing the liquid latex with the pieces of paper and apply it on your hand or any other part of your body. Let it dry then apply foundation over it, color it with a red lipstick ( step 4 ) and also with red and black eyeshadow, the real looking the better! Finish off with the fake blood. 
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