mercredi 9 septembre 2015
Even I know that this is COMPLETELY unrealistic for most of us on almost any given day.
But some of us have really glamorous lives and some of us have a high school reunion to attend or a wedding anniversary or some other reason to want to look and feel totally-out-of-this-world-hot.
For those special situations theres a beautiful little thing that always makes me feel super sexy.
And that’s body makeup.
Yep, makeup isn’t only banished to your face.
And contouring isn’t either!
I grabbed a gorgeous pair of legs to show you what I mean, and how to do it.

Photography: Jessica Janae | Model: Elana Ali Jadallah
Tools: Contour Sally Hansen Airbrush Legs in Deep | Highlight Sally Hansen Airbrush Legs Light {Two Old foundation brushes}
As you can see, using a dark and a light color and some old makeup brushes you basically use the same tricks you’d use for contouring your face, just on a larger scale.
Dark where you want it to recede, light where you want it to protrude.
I recede on the edge of the natural muscles (where the natural shadows appear – giving them an added oomph) and Highlight on the top of the muscles and down the front of the shins.
It’s fantastic because it covers up any dings or bruises and sculpts all at the same time!
you can use the same basic idea on your arms, décolletage (great for covering up redness or sun damage) or abs as well.
I love how it also has a subtle shimmer, it really adds to the whole feeling glamorous thing:)
PS Elana is quite dark naturally but if you’d rather your legs not look so tanned I recommend using{Coconut Mango Bronzing Stick} for the contouring instead – it’s nice cause it’s a stick so you can skip the brushing on!:)
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