10 tips for a brighter complexion

lundi 21 septembre 2015
The first rays of the sun and the explosion of snowdrops and hyacinths urges us, though, to a more closely look in the mirror.
And to be satisfied with what we see, we could use some expert advice.

1. Prepare the skin quickly through a careful cleansing, cleaning it with gentle movements without rubbing strongly.
2. Immediately after cleansing apply a gentle scrub; to be sure it will not irritate your skin before peeling, put to a thin layer of oil or cream on your face. Massage with gentle movements, circular, insisting in the T zone. Do not ignore lips and neck. Rinse and then wash with a soap-free gel using plenty of lukewarm water. Dab gently with a towel. The same scrub you can apply throughout the body.
3. After exfoliation, the skin is ready to receive a moisturizer. Choose carefully, opting for creams based on vegetable oils or other bases slightly greasy, and humectants that will draw water from the outside (urea, glycerin, propylene glycol); the addition of alpha hydroxy acids would be ideal because it helps restore skin cells.
Apply the cream in a thick layer, let it work for a few minutes, then remove excess with a cotton pad. You can apply face cream when you stand in the shower, because humidity from around will turn it into a miracle for the skin.
4. Do the same with the body cream. To achieve maximum hydration and care, apply cream to slightly damp skin within 3 minutes after a shower.
5. If your skin is not sensitive, before applying the cream you can opt for a tonic; best bet would be to apply only to the area prone to accumulation of sebum; avoid cheeks and temples.
6. In order to have smooth lips, go for Vaseline (known as petrolatum). It is the best and cheapest solution for dry and chapped lips. They will be repaired in seconds.
7. Use a cream based on vitamin K or a mixture of fruits that contain (avocado, plum, pear) to reduce the appearance of dark circles. This comes directly from blood vessels visible through the thin skin under the eyes.
8. You will quickly reduce the bags under the eyes if you apply on the periocular area a teaspoon or a bag of tea that you’ve taken some time to cool. You can reduce periorbital edema by applying coffee on this area; it has vasoconstrictor effect and stimulates mobilization of tissue water.
9. Finally spray a thin layer of mineral water on the face. You do not need elaborated formulas of thermal water; the water we drink is the best.
10. For extra shine and health, sleep with a moisturizing mask thin stretched to the face.
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