dimanche 16 août 2015
Just like blackheads, whiteheads are a skin problem. They can appear both in adolescence or when you are an adult. Whiteheads are a form of acne that appears when dead cells, bacteria or sebum remain trapped in closed pores.
Keep in mind that whiteheads should not be confused with pimples or blackheads. If you try to squeeze a whitehead you can easily break your skin and cause a scare. So, do not try and squeeze them at home.

You can take care of your skin and get rid of whiteheads by following some simple hygiene rules.
Wash your face twice per day by using delicate face products that do not contain oil. Do not over wash your face because you can irritate and dry your skin.
Use a simple aspirin – crush one aspirin pill, mix it with some water and apply the thick paste on the whiteheads. It will help to better clean the area.
Drink lot of water – this is good advice for anything. By drinking water you will maintain your skin hydrated and less sebum will be produced.
Wash your hair often – when oily hair touches your face it favors the creation on pimples or whiteheads due to the excess sebum from your hair. For example, if your hair is not too oily if you wash it every 2-3 days should be just fine.
Use cosmetic products that do not contain oils – the sebum produced by your face is enough. You do not need other oils to cover your pours.
Remove your make-up each night.
Change the bed sheets every few days – this will prevent the bacteria to multiply too much and transfer from the sheets to your face.

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