lundi 17 août 2015
Everyone needs better bathroom organization! This is one of the busiest and smallest rooms in the house, but at the same time it is the space that every person that comes into your house goes in, so you need to make sure that it is comfortable and is a reflection of a maintained, organized warm home. The bathrooms can easily get messy because it’s full with so many little items. So whether your bathroom style is modern, traditional or country here you’ll find everything about the organizing inspiration you need.
These Top 7 ideas are for those who want to use every possible bit of space. It doesn’t matter if you have big or small one because we’ve compiled a ton of great  bathroom organization ideas for every kind of bathroom!
Follow our ideas and make every inch count!

1. Bathroom Mason Jar Storage with Knobs

The mason jars are here to help whenever you need them. This time will be great help for your bathroom storage problem, and it is a very easy diy project that doesn’t ask a lot of your time.

2. Personalized Towel Hook

If your family counts many members, and you all have white towels that you can’t recognize which one is who’s, then you need to do some kind of trade mark for everyone. A great way to do that is to hand a picture above the towel, it is a great decoration and also very useful.

3. Toilet Roll Storage

You can easily make this happen in your own bathroom, all you need to do is use your imagination, find a wooden basket to store your toilet paper rolls in it, they will be in hand and in the same time your toilet will get some beautiful and handy decoration.

4. Extra Roll Storage

You can search for this metal holder in the stores, it is multifunctional and you can store your newspapers in the one side, and the paper rolls in the other, and on the top you can add a nice small flower to get that natural aroma in the toilet.

5. Super Organized Bathroom Cabinet

Use a colorful paper to brings some dimension to the blank walls of the closet, and on every shell put a paper with the name, so you never get mess in the bathroom again. Organization at its finest.

6. Magazine Hanger

If you love to have all your magazines in hand in your bathroom, but don’t want them to get in your space, then you need to get one of your clothing hangers, and hang them, it is a genius way to make them stored in a place that doesn’t get in the way, and extremely handy.

7. Bathroom Showers With Storage Niches

If you are going to reconstruct your bathroom, then we highly recommend you to leave space in the wall next to the shower tub for and storage niches and shelves.

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