Beauty 911! Common Beauty Common Beauty and How To Correct Them

dimanche 12 juillet 2015
Everyone makes mistakes; but when those mistakes effect your first impression upon others it can be rough to recover.  You work your hardest to look your best, so why mar that work with accidental makeup faux pas?  Here are nineteen of the most common beauty mistakes and how to correct them!

Over-washing your Hair

If you’re washing every day, then you’re probably stripping away essential oils that your hair needs to fight frizz and dullness!  Wash every other day with a moisturizing or gentle shampoo and really see the difference in your hair’s natural shine.

Over-Conditioning Your Hair

Conditioner is actually meant to be used sparingly.  The hair nearest to your roots is the freshest growth on your scalp, and it also receives the most nourishing oils from your follicles.  It doesn’t need as much help as your ends do.  Focus on your ends and you’ll see that your hair gets less greasy, and less weighed down by excess build-up from conditioning!

Perfuming your Clothing

Perfumes can actually be rather harsh on clothing; they might stain or blemish your fabric!  Additionally, the delicate balance of scents can react poorly with the fibers in your clothes making your lovely eau smell off or stagnant.  Apply perfume before dressing to one or several pulse points: wrists, knees, behind the earlobes, and/or base of the throat for optimal scent dispersal.

Over-Plucking your Brows

If you lean very close to the mirror while plucking your brows, it’s difficult to see the full picture of your brow shape.  This can lead to over-plucking, which in turn leads to the ultra-thin scary nineties eyebrows that we’ve come to dread.  To avoid this, go see a pro to get your brows waxed and then tweeze the areas that grow in between waxings.

 Raccoon Eye

While smoky eyes are definitely in, there’s a fine line between the perfect smoke and looking too goth to handle.  Allow a gradation of color from gray to black across your lid (starting at the inner corner with the lightest color and ending at the outer crease with the darkest) and remember to blend the colors together with a fluffy brush.

“Mask” Foundation

If you’re wearing foundation, you’ll definitely want to avoid the dreaded “mask line” that occurs if you simply stop your coverage at your jaw line.  Remember to blend your foundation down onto your neck to create a gradual look rather than a harsh edge.  This will make your makeup look much more natural and consistent.
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