Brilliant Clothing Item You Have To Buy

jeudi 12 février 2015

If you like to wear flats or heels in the winter, these no-show socks were made for you. They keep you warmer than footies without slipping off in the back so you can wear them to stay warm and comfortable with your favorite pair of shoes.

You can get them at Keysocks or Amazon.

-Underarm Pads

If you’ve got a dreaded interview coming up or something else that makes you a nervous wreck, don’t sweat it! Stick on these underarm pads to absorb sweat and odor (prevents embarrassing wet spots on your clothes).

You can get them on Amazon .

- CamiBands

These are basically like a shirt extender (for shirts that are too short or low rise jeans), but can also be worn under a top that exposes too much cleavage or as a chic way to layer at the beach over your bikini or swimsuit bottoms. 3 in 1!

You can get them on  Amazon .

- Stow-N-Gow Bra

Keep all of the essentials at just a hands reach with this sports bra from North Face that has a double layer chest pocket. I’ve also seen this pocket hold an iPod, so it must be quite roomy. Only for A and B cups though, ladies! What’s up with that? Looks like I’m going to need that wrist wallet, after all.

You can get it on Amazon .

- The FlipBelt

This belt has several pockets to hold your phone and other important items (keys, cash, credit card, etc.) while working out, and it comes in several different sizes and colors to choose from. This seems so much more comfortable than that huge arm band I see people wearing to hold their phone at the gym. This would also be awesome for theme parks, or anytime you don’t want to carry a purse.

Get one here on Amazon . 
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