Lilac Home Slippers – DIY

jeudi 8 janvier 2015

You will need:
- any yarn (not thin);
- the remnants of woolen threads for embroidery and flowers (dark green, bright green, white, pink, purple);
- large and small beads (white, purple, transparent);
- slippers connected spokes № 4,5;
- flowers crochet № 1,75.
1. Slippers – base
Collect 34 loops.
1st row: 1 bead, 32 facial, 1 bead
2nd row: 1 bead, 10 facial, 1 purl, 10 facial, 1 purl, 10 facial, 1 bead
3 – 34 range:
odd ranks = the 1st series
even as rows = 2nd row
35 series: 1 bead, 11 facial, 1 increase (from one loop towards two), 8 facial, 1 increment, 11 facial, 1 bead
36 series: 1 bead, 10 facial, 1 purl, 12 facial, 1 purl, 10 facial 1 bead
37 series: 1 bead, 34 facial, 1 bead
38 – 63 range:
even as rows = 36th row
odd ranks = the 37th row
64 – 72 Range: 1 gum front – purl 1
Close the loop, leaving a long thread.
Make a series with the addition – this place is the foot expansion.
2. Slippers – assembly
- “Sock”

Pull the abandoned thread through the loops of the last row (see photo number 2). Contract the thread (see photo number 3), and tie it. Next, sew edges associating for approximately 8 rows (see photo number 4 – 5).
You choose if you make the slippers more closed or more “small”.
- “Heel”
Pull a thread through the middle part (A) and contract the thread (see photo number 6 – 7). Part B is the next that you should sew (see photo number 8).
3. Decoration – Hook
- “Flower lilac”
Knit any number of lilac flowers of different colors of yarn.
Make a chain of 4 stitches in close able ring. Of this loop knit the following chain of 4 stitches, close the ring (hook to introduce a new loop chain). This way you will create a total of 4 petals. At the end of the connecting column of the fourth petal combine with the first.

- “Green leaf”
Knit a chain of 5 stitches. Next undergrad this chain in a circle. Come over the green leaves with a darker or lighter green to mark the veins.
Add embroidered flowers resembling the lilac flowers on to the knitted slippers. In the center of each knitted and embroidered flower sew on a bead. Right and left slipper should not be with the same pattern. Here the individual decorations are particularly welcome. For greater warmth and wear ability on the bottom of the slippers you can sew a felt insole. Even the most utilitarian things can be beautiful! Enjoy!

hat you will need:
- old, worn out sweater;
- scissors;
- sewing kit (only if the fabric needs that).
1. Put your sweater on a plain surface and cut down one sleeve of it by following the curve of the shoulder seam (make sure the sleeve is wide enough to fit your dog’s chest).
2. Take the piece and put it on a plane surface, then make 2 holes where the dog will insert his front legs, follow the picture to see how it should look. Don’t make the holes too big as they will widen, but take care also to not make them too small so your dog feels uncomfortable.
3. Cut the sleeve to desired length if it is too long (if your doggy is small the fabric might be too long, so you will need to measure).
4. Fold the edges half inch under and hem.
5. Dress your cute and little dog or cat with the new fashion clothing you just made!

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