DIY Jewelery

jeudi 13 novembre 2014

What you need:Swarovski Pear Crystals in Gold Settings
Swarovski Round Crystals in Gold Settings
Large Curb Chain (35in)
Oversized Lobster Clasp
Jump Rings
3-in-1 Jewelry Tool
Sheet of Plastic
DIY Instructions
Get a kit with all the supplies here!
What to do: 
Cut two pieces of chain and lay them down so there is crescent shaped gap between the two pieces.
Next cut the plastic sheet to fit the gap.
Glue the chain to the top of the crescent, then start glueing your gems on the plastic.
Once you have your gem pattern in place, glue the longer piece of chain to the bottom of the plastic.
Reinforce the necklace by glueing together the chain on both sides of your necklace. Let glue dry.
Add jumprings and lobster clasp using your jewelry pliers.
Ready to wear!

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