15 Signs You’re An Option, NOT A Priority

vendredi 8 décembre 2017

No one wants to find that they are not a priority in their romantic relationships. It is a hard realization to come to, and many people tend to ignore the signs that they are not a priority by rationalizing them away. Indeed, some of these signs can be rationalized, but when a significant other is presenting with more than a few, it may be time to reassess the relationship. Here are fifteen signs that you’re an option in a relationship, not a priority:


14 Amazing Psychology Facts Everyone Needs To Know

lundi 4 décembre 2017

1. Your favorite song is likely associated with an emotional event.
You and everyone else.


15 Late-Night Snacks You Can Eat And Still Stay Fit

A perfect body is what everyone dreams about nowadays. Many people try to be on a diet eating healthy food: they have a smoothie for breakfast, a salad for lunch and some vegetables for dinner. But, they find it really difficult not to eat at night.


Cardiologist Suggests 5-Day Diet: A Safe Way To Lose 15 Pounds

Diet is a important part of our lifestyle. For those of us who are overweight, those extra pounds greatly increase our health risks – including risks of diabetes, gallbladder disease, heart disease, high blood pressure, sleep apnea, and even a wide range of cancers. Of course, living at a healthy weight lowers your risks tremendously.


7 Signs You’re A Strong Woman That Stands Out In A Crowd

dimanche 3 décembre 2017

Strong women leave a powerful mark behind, and such female role models have affected the course of history so many times.


The 3-Day Soup Cleanse: Eat as Much Soup as You Want And Fight Inflammation, Belly Fat And Disease

The human body often requires a proper cleanse in order for it to function properly.


The Oils That Can Help You Fix Tour Hormones

Herbs possess numerous health benefits and they are mostly beneficial in regulating the hormonal balance. Some of the most beneficial herbs used for hormonal balance include: myrtle, sandalwood, clary sage, lavender, holy basil and thyme.


The Invisible Red Thread between Two People who are Meant to be Together

We all are accustomed with the idea of soulmates. This idea originated from Plato’s Symposium where Aristophanes was of the belief that humans were eight-limbed creatures with two heads. The Gods split them in half to reduce their power and humans were reduced to weaker beings, constantly feeling incomplete, without their significant “other half”.


How To Inhale Himalayan Pink Salt to Help Remove Mucus, Bacteria And Toxins From Your Lungs

jeudi 23 novembre 2017

Himalayan salt is an incredibly beneficial natural salt which is a rich source of the 84 natural elements and minerals found in the human body, which are essential for our overall health and vitality.


If You Eat Ginger Everyday For 1 Month This is What Happens To Your Body

mercredi 22 novembre 2017

In the traditional Ayurvedic medicine, ginger has been referred to as a “natural medicine chest”, due to its numerous health benefits.


Get Smooth And Glowing Skin and Remove the Spots From Your Face With Lemon

A soft and glowing skin is always a hit, and today, we are going to reveal a few simple steps to get it in a short period of time!


The Essential Oil That Boosts Memory, Detoxifies Your Liver & Relieves Stress

Rosemary oil is one of the most beneficial essential oils you can use, with a variety of uses, including:


How to Train Your Brain to Avoid Depression

mardi 21 novembre 2017

Depression is one of the most frightening forms of mental illness to encounter, both as a person experiencing it, and as a person who is watching someone else experience it. When you are suffering from depression, you see no hope, even if people are available to help you. And when you see someone suffering from depression, you may try to help, but they are unwilling to accept help.


Right Sleep Position to Treat Many Health Problems

Do you know how much you sleep in your life span? It is revealed that on an average lifespan if you are sleeping 7-9 hours per night then you are actually in the sleep mode for 25 years of your lifetime. Isn’t it huge! So, sleep is an important phenomenon in our life as we spend a lot of our time sleeping.


Herbal Painkiller Drink – Specially For Lower Back Pain

Some of the common patterns and symptoms of pain that most of us suffer include pain in the back or hips. A contracted and less flexible spinal cord and difficulty in sleep. Such pain is a common health problem in the middle-aged and elderly people, but sometimes even younger people can suffer from it.


They Said Apple Cider Vinegar is Great for You, BUT This is What they Didn’t Tell You

Research worldwide supports and commends what Hippocrates found and treated his patients with in 400 B.C. He discovered that natural, undistilled Apple Cider Vinegar (or ACV)* is a powerful cleansing and healing elixir – a naturally occurring antibiotic and antiseptic that fights germs and bacteria – for a healthier, stronger, longer life!


This Leaf is a Blessing From God: Fight Insomnia, High Blood Pressure, Sugar and Blood Fat

There are plants that can be considered really miraculous since they produce very impressive benefits in the organism. Without a doubt, nature has every answer that our health needs, since each element has properties that seem to be specially designed for our case.


To Strengthen The Knees, Rebuild Cartilages And Ligaments The Best Drink

Over the years, our body starts to weaken and function at a slower pace, so we start experiencing various health issues, such as muscle and joint pain.


These Are The Surprising Health Benefits Of Eating Chicken Feet You Should Know

lundi 20 novembre 2017

For some Filipinos, the best part of consuming a chicken is on its feet. It is a lot tastier and more delicious when it has been brought from the street because it is considered as street food.
It doesn’t only taste good but it also provides a lot of health benefits for the body, as well.


How to Get Rid of Phlegm and Mucus in Chest & Throat (Instant Result)

We often experience some kind of obstruction in the nasal passage or throat which leads to difficulty breathing and persistent coughing. These problems occur due to increased phlegm in the lungs. Phlegm is a thick substance secreted by the mucous membrane of the respiratory tract and is responsible for fighting infections such as severe colds. When it accumulates in the throat and chest, the body uses coughing to expel it. However, excess accumulation of phlegm in the lungs due to a cold, the flu, bacterial or viral infections can cause big problems.

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